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Jonathan Winter, who works in LMI’s Mission Awareness Department, and John Deaville, LMI’s representative for Derbyshire, are currently in the Philippines, where they are providing training for missionary students at two Bible colleges, speaking at churches, and meeting with believers to bring encouragement.


We would really appreciate your prayers as the duo carry out this very important work. The students they are with are aspiring missionaries, who want to reach out with the Good News of Jesus Christ to people in nations across the globe, and we trust the training will benefit them greatly as they seek to do this. In addition, we want the churches Jonathan and John visit to be greatly encouraged and strengthened as the members witness for Christ in their communities and towns.

The photos included with this post are a selection from the programme so far, including from the classes taught by Jonathan at Mission Motivators School of Mission, Samal Island.

LMI with MM Students in the Philippines

LMI training at Mission Motivators 2017 in the Philippines

LMI training at Mission Motivators 2017

LMI at Jesus Heals Global Church


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