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19 Countries Engaged

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2,337 Student Participants

Wonderfully, the Lord is working in hearts and minds across the world through LMI’s Bible Teaching Ministry, far beyond the borders of the UK and Ireland. This is only possible as a result of the people who have been faithfully supporting LMI’s Student Sponsorship Scheme. We are so very thankful for everyone who partners with us in this way.

It is always a blessing to hear the stories and testimonies of individuals from around the globe who have participated in our distance learning programme.

Here is the story of a former student…

Abson Muumbe completed the LMI Leadership Study Programme in 2013Abson Muumbe, who comes from Kalomo in Zambia, registered for one of LMI’s distance learning courses in 2004. As a member of the Church ofChrist since 1990, and having fulfilled roles in the church as a preacher, youth leader and choirmaster, he met the criteria to undertake our Leadership Study Programme.

This course is specially designed to provide training for individuals in positions of Christian leadership. It consists of eight units, and the topics covered include: ‘Joseph – A man of Integrity and Forgiveness’, ‘The Making of a Leader’ and ‘The Effective Pastor.’

As the students undertaking the courses often face various challenges to their studies, through our distance learning system they are able to work at their own pace. This makes it easier for them to study whilst coping with the potential barriers of speaking English as a second language and time pressures – such as balancing their employment, church commitments and the responsibilities they have to their families in addition to their studies.

Happily, after nine years, Abson completed the Leadership Study Programme in 2013. A ‘straight A’ student throughout, he has taken the skills and knowledge he gained and is employing them in a teaching capacity. The impact of LMI’s Bible Teaching Ministry can be best understood through Abson’s own words, which he shared when he contacted us last year. He said,

Quote from an LMI Bible Teaching Ministry Student

Pastor Augustin Kwizera in Burundi is currently studying with LMIThe wonderful thing is that Abson is not an isolated case! Students across the world, including those in the new LMI Bible Teaching Hubs in Burundi, Malawi and Kenya, are continuing to benefit from the teaching materials we send to them. One such student, Pastor Augustin Kwizera in Rotana Province, Burundi, who is currently studying with LMI, said:

“I thank God… I am a student of Christian Education Programme with LMI. This will help me to understand how I can help the church members to grow in ministry in the future.”

We praise God that Abson, Pastor Augustin and others are growing in their knowledge, and at the same time, are being equipped to lead, guide and inspire other believers. What a privilege and joy it is to be able to support our brothers and sisters in Christ in this way.

Above: Students at the LMI Bible Teaching Hub in Burundi.

Above: Students at the LMI Bible Teaching Hub in Kenya

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