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LMI commence our new Bible Teaching  Administration System Project.  This project is aimed at updated our current student database and helping the BTM team process Distance Online Learning applications.

Last week, several LMI staff members took part in an exciting and important meeting regarding the future of our Bible Teaching Ministry 📖.

As the pandemic has highlighted the importance of online connections, and following recent advancements in digital technology and online learning platforms, a decision was made to upgrade the administration system used for our Bible Teaching Ministry. A need for two new systems was identified - a Learning Management System (LMS) and a Student Information System (SIS) - to ensure this aspect of the mission has the tools and capabilities it requires for the future 💻📶.

Equipped with his considerable knowledge and experience, Declan Small took responsibility for researching the mission’s options, investing a significant amount of time and energy into this very important task. Happily, Declan identified an appropriate solution and developed an implementation strategy, which is now being actioned.

Suru Partners, a digital consultancy and software development firm based in Coventry, were chosen as our installation partner for the Student Information System (SIS). You can see Harrison and John from Suru Partners in the photograph, along with representatives from LMI.

With increasing demand for resources from our Bible Teaching Ministry in many parts of the world, we are full of hope and optimism for how the Lord will use this element of our work in the days ahead, strengthening His Church and bringing glory to His name. Ensuring we have the correct systems in place, both for the learning experience of our students and the benefit of LMI staff and volunteers, is key. We look forward to more progress in the days ahead 🆕.

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