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From Hens to a Honda! 🐔🏍 “Thanks to LMI for the funds you gave… this pastor [Shadrack] got 50 chicken which he reared and bought 100 more, then 200, and when he sold, he bought a motorbike. He can now carry his family to church as well as carry farm produce to the market”.

This quote from Pastor Eric Ngala, LMI’s Coordinator for Kenya & East Africa, is a wonderful testament to the success of the Applied Agriculture for God’s Glory Project, an initiative LMI have been partnering with Pastor Eric in since 2019.

As you may already know, poverty is a huge problem for pastors in Kenya, as the vast majority of congregations do not supply their pastor with a salary. In fact, members of a church may look to their pastor for financial help, which can add serious strain to the pastor’s own family needs (food, children’s school fees etc.).

Pastor Eric and LMI are helping Christian leaders to become self-sufficient by providing them with chicks (this includes the brooding costs, disinfection, vaccination and transport). We also send the leaders on a training course, where they learn how to look after their animals.

After 20 weeks, the chicks will have grown into hens capable of laying eggs. At this point, Pastor Eric and LMI pull back, leaving the Christian leader with the ability and expertise needed to enjoy a long-term, sustainable source of income as they serve the Lord 📖.

Pastor Shadrack – pictured sitting on his motorbike - is just one example of how this important project is changing lives, and we give all the glory to God for the opportunity to help and support His people in this way. We also express our deepest thanks to you, our many friends and supporters, who make endeavours like this possible through your prayers and giving.

As you can see in the photo, Pastor Eric (pictured giving the ‘thumbs up’) is delighted for Pastor Shadrack, and so are we 👍🙂.

If you would like to support LMI’s Kenya & East Africa Ministry Project, you can do so online at https://www.lmi-org.net/support-keamp

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