LMI Youth and Schools Outreach Team are poised and ready to smash their Mourne Seven Sevens Challenge

Saturday is fast approaching and LMI’s Youth and Schools Outreach Team are poised and ready to ‘smash’ their ‘Mourne Seven Sevens Challenge’!⛰.
A lot of practical and physical preparation has gone into this event, which will see Danny and Lucy – along with some wonderful volunteers, including David and Amy from @milo – climbing the seven highest peaks over 700m in the famous Mourne mountain range. The trek covers more than 18 miles and includes a vertical assent of 8100ft! 🥾🥵.

We are truly thankful to the wonderful folks at TrekNI who have very kindly sponsored the lovely t-shirts that you can see in the photos 👏🏻🙌🏻 The colour, design and quality are all absolutely brilliant, and a great way for everyone to keep an eye out for each other on the mountain tops! 🕺🏻👍🏻.
So why have Lucy and Danny taken on this challenge?
As our YSO team travel to secondary schools to take RE classes and meet with SU groups, and journey to churches to lead sessions with youth groups, they meet thousands of young people and seek to inspire them to examine the Christian faith using modern, interactive programmes. Wonderfully, despite our concerns at the beginning of the current academic year – that opportunities would be limited due to the pandemic – demand for the team has been tremendous! We give God all the glory, and as we seek to keep the momentum going, the money raised through this challenge will go towards YSO ministry resources, I.T. equipment, travel and more 💬🚐.
If you would like to sponsor LMI’s Youth & Schools Outreach Team, you can so online at www.lmi-org.net/support-yso-mourne-seven-sevens-challenge
Alternatively, if you would like to make a donation via cheque, you can do so by posting it to: LMI, 7-8 Bellsbridge Office Park, 100 Ladas Drive, Belfast, BT6 9FH. (Please make cheques payable to LMI and indicate on the back or with an accompanying note that your donation is for “Youth & Schools Outreach”.)
If you would like to become a regular support of LMI’s Youth & Schools Outreach Team, or any of the other aspects of our ministry, please visit: https://lmi-org.net/support-lmi-ministries