We are delighted to bring you more photos and words of encouragement from Pastor James Wheagar, LMI’s Representative for the Ivory Coast, following his recent ministry trip to Togo and Benin, where he introduced our Dynamics of Discipleship course. 

Reporting back, Pastor James said, “I feel that people are happy for the arrival of LMI courses in their country, it will help in the training and transformation of the youth in their country".


He continued, "Brother, pastors and church leaders full of enthusiasm to dispense LMI lessons in their various churches, schools and in some orphanages for the transformation of the children of God. I am very grateful to the Lord Jesus for his help and assistance. Brother, thank you so much for your kind prayers, support and guidance that helps me to serve the Kingdom of God.”

We give God all the glory for what He is doing through LMI in Africa and beyond.