A phenomenal message of encouragement from an LMI representative in the Middle East, where 17 churches have started to use our ‘Dynamics of Discipleship’ resource with young people in their heart (native) language!
Each church has approximately 12 young people involved in weekly teaching sessions, when they meet up to learn and study together.
How we wish you could see the smiling faces in these images - they would fill your heart with joy to overflowing! However, due to the real and serious threat faced by Christians in this region, we simply can’t risk exposing the identities of those pictured. We know you will understand.
Please join with us in giving thanks and pray for these young people, that they will grow in their knowledge of God and love for Him. Pray also that the Lord will keep them safe and use them mightily for His purposes and glory, both now and for years to come.
We’ll leave you with an amazing quote from a 17 year old girl, which perfectly captures the real and tangible difference these materials are making:
“The day I joined these courses, it transformed my belief in sin, Christ, redemption and salvation. I am now walking every day with Christ, with my new identity in Christ.”
Hallelujah! To God be the glory!
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