LMI Burundi Rep Visits Matana in Bururi Province

It was terrific to receive these photos from Aloys Nduwindavyi, LMI’s Representative in Burundi, following a recent visit to Matana in Bururi Province, where he shared LMI’s vision with church leaders and made the French version of our ‘Dynamics of Discipleship’ resource available to them.
Aloys also provided our brothers and sisters in Matana with other Bible teaching and youth discipleship materials that we sent to him previously, which will be used to help new believers grow in their faith.
Each evening, Aloys was afforded an opportunity to do evangelism, and he spoke on the consequences of sin and impact of salvation.

Middle East Update | June 2023

A phenomenal message of encouragement from an LMI representative in the Middle East, where 17 churches have started to use our ‘Dynamics of Discipleship’ resource with young people in their heart (native) language!
Each church has approximately 12 young people involved in weekly teaching sessions, when they meet up to learn and study together.

LMI at Keswick Portrush 2023

Lorna and Norman Wilkinson have enjoyed lots of conversations on the LMI stand at Keswick Convention,Portstewart this week, including with this lovely couple from Lisburn, the parents of our wonderful mission candidate Bethany Pierce.
Lord willing, Bethany, who is currently in the process of building her support team, will become the fourth member of LMI’s Youth & Schools Outreach Team at the end of the summer, increasing our ability to engage with and share God’s Word with young people across the country.

Danny Roberts appointed Chaplain to new Mayor of Lisburn and Castlereagh

We are absolutely thrilled for LMI’s Youth & Schools Outreach Coordinator, Danny Roberts, who was recently appointed as Chaplain by the new Mayor of Lisburn and Castlereagh, Cllr Andrew Gowan.
As part of this voluntary role, which will last for a year, Danny will attend civic events and monthly meetings of the council, to pray and talk to councillors and other attendees.

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