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LMI visit 2nd Ards Presbyterian Church

Thomas McClean delivering his sermon, ‘Bringing in the Harvest’, at 2nd Ards Presbyterian Church yesterday morning.

Our sincere thanks go to the church for giving us this terrific opportunity to talk about both the physical harvest, and the missions harvest field spoken of by Jesus (Matthew 9:37-38)

LMI Overseas Ministry Programme - Kenya 2018 - Update (1)

The LMI Ministry Team in Kenya had an amazing time today, as more than 30 pastors and Sunday school teachers attended an LMI training event focusing on children’s and youth ministry.

In Rachel Dobson’s own words, “God worked powerfully and we were humbled to see the response as people grasped new concepts and God illuminated thinking.”

Tomorrow, the team will take part in two church services, which will include Adrian preaching from God’s word, team members sharing from the front, and Heather being involved in Sunday School.

We would truly value your prayers for the team as they continue in this important work.

LMI Overseas Ministry Programme - Kenya 2018

Yesterday afternoon, the latest LMI Overseas Ministry Team – Adrian and Heather Holdsworth, Rachel Dobson, and JD - departed the UK and set out for Kenya.

Over the next two weeks, the team will be working with LMI’s new coordinator for Kenya, Pastor Eric Ngala Mutumbi, to provide knowledge and training for Christian leaders. The topics they will be teaching on include hermeneutics, servant leadership and soul care, children’s and youth ministry, unreached people groups, and more.

LMI has a long association with Africa, and the nation of Kenya in particular, stretching back to the 1970’s and Pastor Josiah Ogalo (pictured), who was one of the first speakers from overseas to take part in LMI (then YEMF) meetings here in the UK. Pastor Josiah, who is now in glory, worked with LMI on various projects over several decades, including the creation of the ‘Feed My Lambs’ Library, and hosted LMI ministry teams on a number of occasions, the last time been in 2012.

We are thrilled that God has once again enabled us to support our Christian brothers and sisters in Kenya, and would truly value your prayers for this work in the days ahead.

LMI at Bethany Free Presbyterian Church's Sports Fun Week 2018 - Thank You

Thank you very much to everyone who prayed for the LMI Youth and Schools Outreach Team last week, as they took part in Bethany Free Presbyterian Church’s Sports Fun Week in Portadown.

Danny, Becky, Catalin and Alan really enjoyed their time with the young people, who listened very intently each day.

Happily, the leaders at the event have made us aware that a number of the young people have placed their faith in Christ! Please pray for them.

Update - LMI at Bethany Free Presbyterian Church's Sports Fun Week 2018

Below, you can see Danny Roberts in full flow during a devotional for leaders at Bethany Free Presbyterian Church's Sports Fun Week yesterday.

There’s a phenomenal 250 children at the club this week, and it’s an amazing opportunity to reach them with the Gospel.

Please continue to pray for the club, and for Danny, Becky and Catalin as they share scripture, and their testimonies, with the young people.

If you live in the Craigavon area, you may be interested in The Reach, the organisation running the club, which also meets regularly throughout the year. You can get the contact information for the Youth Outreach Worker, Jonny Smith, from the leaflet image, or visit reach4youth.org

LMI at Bethany Free Presbyterian Church's Sports Fun Week


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