Emmy and Karis fundraise for LMI Indian Flood Relief Appeal

⭐️ Little Fundraisers! ⭐️
Meet Emmy (left) and Karis (right) Kernohan, who walked/ran 5k to raise funds for LMI’s Indian Flood Relief Appeal! 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️
After hearing her mum Alison (our Bible Teaching Ministry Coordinator) talk about one of the pastors who was affected by the disaster, Karis (6) wanted to do what she could to help. So, on Saturday 17th September, Karis and Emmy (4) took on the task and raised £482.50 later updated to £500.
Thank you Karis and Emmy, you’re both superstars! ⭐️ And thank you to everyone who donated, we’re so grateful, and your money will be a huge help to those who need it!

Natalia Crawford joins YSO team on placement

Today Natalia joined the YSO team for her first visit to a school! 
For the past year she has been volunteering with the team, but today she began her placement until Spring 2023.
Please pray for Natalia as she visits schools and churches with the team, on top of her studies at Belfast Bible College. 
We’re so glad to have her with us

Becky Watson returns to LMI after maternity

LMI are delighted to have Becky Watson back in the LMI office after her return from maternity leave!
As our Visual Communicator, Becky is a key member of LMI's Communications Department. It will be a joy to see her colourful, creative and inspiring handiwork appearing once again on our social media platforms, website, leaflets and presentations (and more!) in the coming days.

Amy Johnston to join LMI on placement

It was a real pleasure for Rachel and Danny to call with our good friends at Belfast Bible College today, where they met with Amy Johnston, who will shortly join LMI on placement.
Amy, who is a second year student, will come into the LMI office for three hours each week, beginning Wednesday 1st October and running through until Spring 2023. While she will be primarily involved in our Publishing Department, which is managed by Rachel, she will also learn about the many elements of our work locally and overseas.

LMI delighted to attend Bangor Worldwide

LMI are attending the 2022 Bangor Worldwide Missionary Conference based on the theme 'Compelled'.

It's that time of year again, when we get the LMI flags out for the Bangor Worldwide Missionary Convention!

The theme for this years conference , which takes place between Friday 19th and Sunday 28th August is COMPELLED, inspired by Paul’s letter to the Corinthians.

The majority of events will be held at Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church but there will also be meetings in the neighbouring Baptist Church and in First Bangor Presbyterian Church.

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