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International Widow’s Day 2020

International Widow’s Day, which took place today, brought to our mind LMI’s ‘Goats for Widows’ Project in Nepal 🐐👩🏽.

Following severe earthquakes and flooding, which killed thousands of people, many Nepalese women were left bereaved and without any way to generate an income to support their families. LMI’s Coordinator in Nepal, Pastor Hom Tamang, shared with us about how goats could help these ladies by providing them with a sustainable income through milk production and breeding. 

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International Day of the African Child 2020

Since 1977, when Thomas and Yvonne McClean first established LMI (then YEMF), it has been a joy for this ministry to work with and support people across the continent of Africa, including many children.

And so, on the International Day of the African Child, we give thanks to God for the opportunities we have had, not only to help children in Africa through practical projects such as the recent fresh water project undertaken by Pastor Eric Ngala, our Coordinator for Kenya and East Africa. 

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The Changing Face of Evangelism

A Blog from the LMI Youth and Schools Outreach Worker Danny Roberts 

As we emerge into a much-changed world, it is important to cling to the fact that God has not changed. 

I am writing this in the spare room/office of my home, in what is now the eighth week of lockdown. This period has been one of reflection, a chance to be able to reassess my thoughts, my intentions and my motivation. 

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LMI Coronavirus Ministry Update

Following the outbreak of Covid-19, and the subsequent measures introduced by the UK government, the LMI office is currently closed.

It will reopen when the authorities inform employers that it is safe to return to normal working practises. 

LMI’s staff are working from home and you can contact them via email. Simply put their Christian name e.g. david (replace as appropriate) @lmi-org.net 

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