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The LMI Podcast - Youth & Schools Outreach

The LMI Podcast: You know their names – Alison Kernohan, Becky Watson, Danny Roberts, Catalin Dieaconu and Alan Dourish – but what does the work of the LMI Youth and Schools Outreach Team involve, and what insight and stories can they share as the school year comes to a close? Catch the latest episode of 'The LMI Podcast' to find out - Click Here!


Celebrating 30 Years of Ministry to Young People

By Alison Kernohan: Youth & Schools Outreach Coordinator

Two thousand and nineteen is a significant year for LMI as it marks the 30th birthday of the Youth & Schools Outreach Department. That’s three decades of school visits, youth meetings and outreach programmes, and as a result, over 112,000 young people who have heard our teams down through the years. Not only that, but through special distribution projects, over 25,000 Jesus videos, thousands of Jesus magazines, in excess of 7,000 copies of Seriously Rich by Richard Pidgley, and hundreds of copies of Made to be Me by Shell Perris, were given to pupils free of charge in addition to other Christian literature.

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LMI Leadership Training in Uganda

This was the plea that we received in December last year after LMI’s Kenya Coordinator, Pastor Eric Ngala Mutumbi, travelled to Uganda to provide two days of leadership training for Christian leaders, sponsored by LMI.

Sixty-seven leaders, and more than twenty young people, attended the sessions, which explored various topics from Ephesians 4. One result of the training was that a number of attendees said they would now be better equipped to spot false teachers, while others emphasised how their new knowledge would help them lead their congregations better.

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LMI Mission Awareness Programme - 2018 Statistics

We praise God that 2018 was a very busy year for LMI’s Mission Awareness Programme Department! 

LMI Mission Awareness Programme 2018

Thomas, JF, Jonathan, Danny, Lorna – and everyone connected with this part of the mission – are very thankful for the prayers and support provided by people around the world. We give God all the glory, and look to Him for guidance and help in 2019 and beyond. Onwards and upwards!


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