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LMI’s Philippines Initiative - Equipping to serve

Asia and Mission

With an estimated 59% of the world’s population, Asia is a continent that desperately needs the gospel. Encouragingly however, indigenous missionaries – locals sharing the truth with locals – is a ministry on the rise. Additionally, the number of Asians answering the call to overseas cross-cultural missions is also increasing. Wonderfully, Asians are seeking knowledge, skills and understanding to prepare themselves for such work, and one nation stands out as a place where they can be well equipped – the Philippines.  

In addition to being the only Asian country where Christianity is the predominant religion, the personable nature of Filipino people, their wonderful hospitality, and their ability to communicate in many languages, all combine to make this country a great place for missions training. Moreover, thefact that more than 10 million Filipinos are currently living and working abroad, including many in other parts of Asia and in the Middle East, means that Filipinos have the opportunity to move to other lands to share the gospel in places which are traditionally hostile to Christianity.

LMI in the Philippines

Since 2010, we’ve sent teams to minister in Filipino Bible colleges and churches, and provided funding for a variety of enterprises. This included conducting leadership training, purchasing motorcycles for indigenous missionaries, sponsorship for evangelistic events, assistance to Agta churches, sponsorship of mission awareness events and funds for relief efforts following Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. 

LMI supporting indigenous missionaries

We’re incredibly thankful to God for what has been achieved, and we want to do even more!

We’re looking to the future with three clear aims:

1)  Motivating for Mission 

Challenging Asian Christians to share their faith and to get involved in God’s work.

2)  Leadership Training 

Equipping, inspiring and bringing encouragement to Christian leaders as they seek to advance God’s Kingdom.

3)  Missions Training

Conducting missions courses in two Bible colleges in the Philippines, Mission Motivators and Maranatha Bible College (MBC). These two colleges are making a real difference, equipping people to be actively involved in Kingdom living and Christian service.  Their students come mostly from Asia, but further afield too.

LMI's Philippines Initiative Leadership Training


Together we stand

By supporting these two Bible colleges, ministering in churches, and undertaking leadership seminars with Christian leaders, much can be achieved to advance God’s kingdom. However, we need your support.

Christians in Asia are looking to reach their families, communities and countries with the truth of the gospel. LMI is ready to stand with them, but we need you to join with us. Together, we can equip and enable Asian believers to proclaim the Gospel and strengthen the church across the largest, most populous continent on earth.

Please help us – your support will mean more than you will ever know.

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