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Another Busy Sunday Coming Up

This Sunday [7th November] will be another very busy day for LMI, as our Mission Director, Thomas McClean, speaks at the Iron Hall Evangelical Church in Belfast in the morning, and Ballyalbany Church in Monaghan in the evening.

Accompanied by Danny Roberts, Thomas will speak about mission and the role all Christians can play in the Great Commission, from our homes and neighbourhoods, to far-flung corners of the world.

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LMI Missionaries return to Southeast Asia

We are delighted to share that after a lot of planning, multiple COVID tests, several flights - and eight days in hotel quarantine - one set of LMI missionaries to Southeast Asia are now back ‘on the ground’ for the foreseeable future (DV)! 🙌🏻😀.
Please pray that the Lord will bless and help them as they begin their evangelistic endeavours once more. In addition, please pray for LMI’s other missionaries, who are continuing their work online but are eagerly await the opportunity to return to the mission field in-person 🙏🏻.

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LMI’s Kenya & East Africa Ministry Project supporting local pastors

From Hens to a Honda! 🐔🏍 “Thanks to LMI for the funds you gave… this pastor [Shadrack] got 50 chicken which he reared and bought 100 more, then 200, and when he sold, he bought a motorbike. He can now carry his family to church as well as carry farm produce to the market”.

This quote from Pastor Eric Ngala, LMI’s Coordinator for Kenya & East Africa, is a wonderful testament to the success of the Applied Agriculture for God’s Glory Project, an initiative LMI have been partnering with Pastor Eric in since 2019.

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LMI launch Missions Blog

LMI launch Missions Blog aimed at promoting church missions around the world.

We are thrilled to introduce you to a brand new resource, The LMI Blog! 💭🙂

The ‘brainchild’ of our talented Digital Developer, Declan Small, who you can see and hear in the video above, the blog will explore Christian mission locally and overseas. It will look at inspirational figures from the past, discuss current mission endeavours, and contemplate mission in the future. In addition to the written text, each entry will also be available as an audio file, meaning you can read or listen in at your leisure 📱🎧.

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