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School Programme Descriptions

RE Programmes

Empty. The resurrection of Jesus has been described as, “the pivot upon which all of Christianity turns.” In ‘Empty,’ we explore this key historic event, discuss why an empty tomb is central to the Christian faith, and consider the serious consequences if the resurrection of Jesus is a lie.


LMI's It's a Miracle Schools RE Programme

It's a Miracle. Jesus performed many miracles during his ministry on earth. What do they tell us about him and what can we learn from them?



LMI's The Living Letters Schools RE ProgrammeThe Living Letters. Where did the Bible come from, why is it so important and how can we read it effectively? This programme looks at the origin of the Bible, its content, and teaches young people how to read it for themselves. 



LMI's Kingdom Stories Programme explores stories Jesus used to teach people about the Kingdom of God

Kingdom Stories. Jesus used stories to teach people about the Kingdom of God. Explore how these stories can help us to understand more about God and about ourselves through our Kingdom Stories programme.



LMI's Persecution – A Faith Worth Dying For Programme examines the issue of Christian persecution and martyrdom.

Persecution – A Faith Worth Dying For. Examining the issue of Christian persecution and martyrdom. This interactive programme challenges young people to consider the reality of Christians who suffer for their faith around the world. 




SU Programmes

LMI's Love is a Verb Schools SU Programme


Love is a Verb. The Bible instructs us to love God with all our "heart, soul, mind and strength.” Find out how to put love into action.



Unlimited School SU Programme from LMI

Unlimited. There are no restrictions on our communication with God, so how can we discover the power of prayer and utilise it in everyday life?



LMI Take The Stand Youth Programme

Take The Stand.  We aim to inspire young Christians to share their faith with others by challenging them to take their stand for God, and by providing practical tips and biblical examples along the way.



LMI's Footprint Schools SU Programme

Footprint. A footprint is something you leave behind. We want to encourage young Christians to live for God wherever he has placed them and to realise that they can make a difference.



LMI's Suit Up Schools SU Programme

Suit Up. In a time and place where it can be hard to be a Christian, we take an in-depth look at the armour of God – how it can help us, and why we need to put it on.



LMI's Unseen Schools SU Programme

Unseen. We have all been given a portion of faith, but how can we exerciseit and what are the results?




LMI's Choose Wisely Programme encourages young people to take their choices seriously and to base them on God’s word.


Choose Wisely. We make hundreds of choices every single day, and many of our choices impact other people. In this programme we explore how important it is to think about our choices -  especially the big ones - and to base them on God’s word.



Retreat/Residential Programmes

LMI's So Loved Schools Retreat/Residential Programme

So Loved. We address key issues that affect young people’s perceptions of themselves and discuss what God thinks as revealed in the Bible. 



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