God Emeralds – Willie McComb

We continue our ‘God’s Emeralds’ Irish missionaries blog series with the story of a passionate and courageous young man from Belfast, who served on the mission field of the Amazonia in Brazil. His endeavours and inspirational story paved the way for many to follow in his footsteps and led to a work of God that has continued for over a 100 years.


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God's Emeralds - Amy Carmichael

To commence our new blog series, ‘God’s Emeralds’, showcasing famous Irish missionaries who have served so courageously and valiantly on mission fields around the world, it feels only right to start with a ‘true gem’ from the history of missions and one of the most well known in Ireland - Amy Carmichael.

Amy Carmichael lived life as a devoted servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, which was reflected in her faith and the risks she took to extend the Kingdom of God. When asked what one might expect from life on the mission field, Amy replied, “Missionary life is simply a chance to die.”

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God's Emeralds - Maud Kells

We continue our ‘God’s Emeralds’ Irish missionary blog series with the story of a courageous woman from Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, whoserved valiantly on the mission field of war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for over 50 years.

Maud Kells served the Lord in the face of genocide, government corruption, famine and civil war.  Her story is one of faithfulness, resilience and complete dependence on God. Reflecting on her time on the mission field, she once wrote, “The Lord has taught me much over the years – and to quote from John the Baptist, ‘He must increase, and I must decrease.’ My desire to glorify Him in all aspects of my life has increased with the years. It is so encouraging to know that He is sovereign in all situations of life and in our world today.”

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God’s Emerald's Irish Overseas Missionary Blog Series

Introducing the LMI God’s Emeralds Irish Overseas Missionary Blog Series.

The island of Ireland is renowned around the world for the courage and faithfulness of men and women who have answered the call of God and dedicated their lives in the pursuit of sharing the Gospel and fulfilling the great commission. From the time of Saint Declan, Saint Patrick and Ireland’s conversion to Christianity, through to more recent times and inspirational figures such as Amy Carmichael, Ireland has been known as ‘the land of saints and scholars’, and contributed to the Good News being spread throughout the four corners of the earth. 

At LMI, we are passionate about mission and want to honour Irish missionaries, both the well-known and those less so, who have sacrificed so much and dedicated their lives in the pursuit of Christ and extending His kingdom. Some have passed into eternity; some have retired; and some remain on the mission field. Some we cannot even write about because to do so could endanger their lives.

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