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Our Programmes

There are three study programmes within our Bible Teaching Ministry: 

  • Christian Education Programme 
  • Certificate in Biblical Studies 
  • Leadership Study Programme 

Each programme provides a different focus, and the assignment requirement varies from one to the next. Students who successfully complete one programme will automatically be offered to join another. 


Most students will enter our distance-learning school at the Christian Education Programme. From there they can proceed as follows: 


Christian Education Programme


Certificate in Biblical Studies


Leadership Study Programme 



The length of time that it takes to complete each programme is entirely dependant on each individual student. Therefore, students are able to pace their studies alongside work, family and ministry commitments. 

Practical Focus 

Our distance learning programmes are aimed at helping people to come to grips with the Bible and the Christian faith so that they can be built up and equipped to be committed and effective disciples of Jesus Christ. Our focus is not simply in providing certificate courses, but in providing tools, that under the work of the Holy Spirit, will help to bring about spiritual understanding and lead to spiritual growth and transformation. 

Christian Education Programme

Certificate in Biblical Studies

Leadership Study Programme

Biblical Foundations Course - Coming Soon

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