Pastor Eric Ngala leads Africa Inland Church (AIC) Bumala in Western Kenya, and is the founder of Reformed Theological Seminary in Bumala. In addition, he leads a programme called ‘Applied Agriculture for God's Glory’ (FGW), which helps groups of pastors to learn simple methods of producing crops and livestock to support their families.

His burden is to see pastors working in rural areas equipped both theologically and practically to enable them to serve the Lord faithfully and effectively. This is very much part of our vision in LMI and we are delighted to be partnering with him.


By God’s grace and the help of His people, we hope to achieve the following: 

Leadership seminar sponsorship. We want to sponsor Pastor Eric to organise and run more seminars on LMI’s behalf for Christian leaders in Kenya and in other parts of East Africa. The reality is that false teaching is a problem in many churches. Evangelical training is important to encourage and equip leaders to lead and teach their congregations well. 

Seminary. We hope to help develop the facilities at the seminary Pastor Eric founded (Reformed Theological Seminary, Bumala), so that they will assist the aims of the college in the years ahead. 

Helping pastors become self-sufficient. We would like to help Pastor Eric with his strategic endeavour to aid pastors in becoming self-sufficient. In addition to providing a pastor with 100 chicks (£288 - price includes two week brooding costs, disinfection, vaccination, treatment and transportation costs), he sends pastors on a training course, which teaches them how to look after their animals (£156). The combined cost to help one leader in this way is £444.

Albino Ministry. Pastor Eric’s son, George, is actively seeking to reach a Tanzanian albino community, who are kept segregated by the government for their own safety. (There is a local belief that, because they are albino, their flesh has magical power. This makes them targets for hunters who seek to kill them.) We want to support George as he undertakes important humanitarian and kingdom work among these people. Equipping the saints in Kenya & East Africa.

Support for Pastor Eric and Dorcas. We would like to periodically support Pastor Eric and his wife, Dorcas, financially as they serve the Lord.


If you can help us to meet these aims, we would be truly thankful. By God’s grace, may all that is undertaken be to His praise and glory, and for the advancement of His kingdom, in Kenya and beyond.