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LMI's A Word For Your Week Devotional taken from Revelation 5:9-10

Do you like to hear the words and melody of a new song? In the amazing revelation give to the apostle John we are told of a new song. It will still be a new song when we join the heavenly choir for all eternity!

It focuses on the only one who is worthy of our praise, the Lord Jesus who was the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world. He died so that we can live forever with Him in the eternal glory of heaven. His resurrection overcame the power of death. What a day it will be when we hear people from every tribe, nation and language singing the song of the Lamb!

Meantime we can serve The Lord by making his salvation known to others.

The old, old story it is ever new

The old, old story, praise The Lord ‘tis true

That Jesus died for me as well as you

Tell me the old, old story.

While others sing their songs of love and war by William Leslie

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