Having gained independence from Sudan in July 2011, the Republic of South Sudan is still a new nation in political terms. However, far from a new country leading to new beginnings, the people of South Sudan have continued to endure severe hardships. Politically motivated violence, poverty and famine are daily realities.

It’s a land in which there is a great need physically. It’s also a land in which there is a great need for hope and truth, both of which are only found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

LMI in South Sudan 

In 2007, God opened a door for LMI to stand with the Christian community in South Sudan. Since then, in partnership with Rev James Baak, an Anglican Minister in the Wau Diocese, we have used a variety of methods to promote the Gospel and strengthen the Christian church. This has included sponsoring and distributing thousands of copies of the Dinka Rek New Testament (Dinka Rek is the mother tongue of many Dinka tribe members). We’ve also undertaken leadership seminar training to equip pastors and ministers in their ministry work; supplied bicycles to church leaders so that they can cover a wide area as they minister and evangelise; sent funds to sponsor literacy classes; and provided support for people in need.

Please help us continue our partnership in South Sudan. Would you consider standing with us as we assist believers in South Sudan?

Your support could help us undertake the following:

Sponsoring literacy programmes. Due to many years of war, educational opportunities have been greatly limited. This means that today there is much illiteracy. Staggeringly, only 27% of the population over 15 years of age can read and write. For believers the impact is also spiritual, as they find it difficult to access God’s Word for themselves. 

We want to enable church based literacy programmes to continue. To sponsor a teacher for six months (one phase of the literacy course) costs £375. The study materials for each phase (there are four in total) cost £45 per student. 

Conducting Leadership Seminars. Our goal is to send LMI teams (both from the UK and from Kenya) to conduct further leadership seminars in South Sudan, so that more church leaders can be encouraged and equipped to maximise the effectiveness of their ministry and outreach. 

Distributing New Testaments. We remain committed to putting the Word of God in the hands of the Dinka people in their own language as funds become available. 

Giving Practical Help to People in Crisis. Many people, including orphans, remain in desperate need as a result of the hardships of famine and general poverty. We want to make funds available to local churches so that they can distribute the appropriate help. 


Your support will make an impact for generations to come as churches in South Sudan are enabled to provide their members with Bibles, meet practical needs, develop their skills and ministries and reach out further and wider with the Gospel.