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Earlier this year, LMI sent an overseas ministry team to one of the most mountainous nations on earth. Home to Mount Everest, Nepal is a beacon for ‘thrill-seekers’ from across the globe. However, our interest was not on peaks but on people, in a country where Christianity is growing but also facing increasing opposition from the state.

Working with LMI’s Coordinator for Nepal, Pastor Hom Tamang, over the course of two and a half weeks the team provided leadership training and visited churches to share from the Bible and bring encouragement.

The first leadership seminar, which took place in Dhading, attracted more people than expected. This set a trend that was to run throughout the programme, including at the subsequent seminars held in Pokhara and Kathmandu. Such is the desire of Nepalese Christians, many of whom are first and second generation believers, to learn from the Word of God.

LMI leadership Seminar in Kathmandu, Nepal

During the leadership seminars, the team taught about godly leadership, drawing examples and principles from the lives of Abraham, Nehemiah and others. The time they spent with the believers was precious and left a clear impact. One of the attendees at the seminars explained the practical difference the training would make in his life, saying:

“In Abraham’s life and Nehemiah’s life, they have so many difficulties and circumstances but they depend on God… I have learnt that, in my life if there are any circumstances and problems and temptations, I should believe in God and depend on God… I decide that every day I will read the Bible, I will pray and spend time with God. These things, I will apply in my life.”

Women's discussion at an LMI Leadership Seminar in Nepal   Men's discussion at an LMI Leadership Seminar in Nepal   Well attended LMI Leadership Seminar in Nepal

The team from LMI were also afforded a number of opportunities to speak at Saturday church services (Saturday is observed as the Lord’s Day by Christians in Nepal). At the meetings they expounded from God’s Word and sought to edify and encourage His people.

We give all the glory to God for everything achieved on this programme, and we trust that, as our Nepalese brothers and sisters move into the future, the knowledge they have gained about leadership will greatly benefit them and the wider Nepalese church in the months and years ahead.

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