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This was the plea that we received in December last year after LMI’s Kenya Coordinator, Pastor Eric Ngala Mutumbi, travelled to Uganda to provide two days of leadership training for Christian leaders, sponsored by LMI.

Sixty-seven leaders, and more than twenty young people, attended the sessions, which explored various topics from Ephesians 4. One result of the training was that a number of attendees said they would now be better equipped to spot false teachers, while others emphasised how their new knowledge would help them lead their congregations better.

Quote from LMI's Leadership Training in Uganda.

In two other short but insightful comments, attendees said, “The teaching was good but the days were few, so next time should be more than the days we had”, and “I loved the teaching because it has encouraged me”.

We give God all the glory for using Pastor Eric and our supporters to edify and equip His church, and we trust that the training provided will benefit the individuals and their churches for a long time to come. It is our intention to follow up these sessions with more in the future, as the need and desire for teaching could not be clearer.

So far Pastor Eric has conducted leadership training on behalf of LMI in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda. However, his vision extends much further to other countries in East Africa, including South Sudan. Please pray that we would have wisdom in the planning of further LMI leadership training programmes and in deciding which countries and regions to prioritise given funding constraints.

LMI Leadership Training in Uganda

LMI Leadership Seminar in Uganda.

LMI Leadership Training in Uganda.

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